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Mummidee Special

Ewa Agoyin Special

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Mummidee Regulars

Neatly picked local rice.

Boiled Yam prepared with pepper, palm oil and seasoning. What a delicacy. Comes with beef or chicken by default

We deliver only the best taste to traditional ayamashe stew

White rice which blends well with DESIGNER STEW or AYAMASHE or even Egusi and Efo Riro. Lots of add ons to choose from

We deliver only the best taste to traditional ayamashe (designer) stew.

African & Delicious

Mummidee Soups Special

$ 24.99

You need to try this. The taste is unmatched

Traditional tasty GBEGIRI and EWEDU

$ 24.99

This is what you are looking for! EDIKAKONG!

$ 19.99

Freshly made tasty Banga Soup.

Yummy Yummy

Mummidee Delectables

Our Catfish Pepper Soup recipe is brimming full of nourishing goodness.

Our peppered eja kika is of another level, imagine that taste of home that keeps you wanting more.

$ 19.99

Aromatic Stewed gizzard and plantains infused with the special Mummidee spices.

Our Assorted Meat Pepper Soup recipe is tasteful, delicious and full of nourishing goodness.

Tinko isn't just any other meat, it is the taste of culture. Peppered? Wow that makes it even more special.

Healthier for you, grilled tilapia fish is delicious and doesn't need to be complicated.

Our Peppered pomo is a pleaser any day!!! can be served as a side dish or alone with any drink of choice.

$ 19.99

This spicy cow foot delicacy goes perfectly with chilled beer or palm wine

$ 24.99

This aromatic meaty dish is the perfect go-to meal infused with the special Mummidee spices.

Bigger & Better

Mummidee Extended Bowls

Enjoy every dish that follows our food menu, orders can now be served in a weekend bowl.

Expecting small group/family? We can make your day easier

Let's make your party memorable with different dishes!

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